Bff Workshop, 1 class

This class contains videos and instruction to complete one painting from start to finish. We will start by learning how to paint a particular type of butterfly, then one particular flower and a fairy that will apply to our story we are working on at that time.
There will be 12 projects like this each month. By purchasing this class, you will be able to participate in one of them. When you sign up, please email me back with the name of the Fairy you would like to purchase.
Here is the order of our projects
July 16 - The Fairy of Abundance, To enter Click Here
August 16 - The Enlightenment Fairy
September 16 - The Banishing Fairy
October 16 - The Location Fairy
November 16 - The Fairy of Timing
December 16 - The Joy Fairy
January 16 - The Success Fairy
February 16 - The Communication Fairy
March 16 - The Love fairy
April 16 - The fairy of Courage
May 16 - The Wellness Fairy
June 16 - The Creativity Fairy

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USD 35.00

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